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NutraTrack Mini Kitchen/Calorie & Nutrition Scale: The easiest-to-use nutrition scale ever. Fast and intuitive.

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  • Exclusive Everlast TM weight sensors hold accuracy over time

  • Only scale on the market allowing you to add 999 custom foods

  • Seven nutritional values for each food: calories, carbs, fat, cholesterol, salt, protein, and fiber

  • Weighs in ounces, pounds/ounces, ounces, grams; fluid ounces and milliliters

  • Max weight capacity: 11 pounds / 5 kg

  • Battery operated with Auto Off (3AAA included)

  • Designed and engineered in the USA

  • Lifetime bumper to bumper warranty

NutraTrack Mini Grey an White
Turquose and White


NutraTrack mini packaging box
NutraTrack Mini packagin box
NutraTrack Mini Brochure
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