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NutraTrack Mini Kitchen/Calorie & Nutrition Scale: The easiest-to-use nutrition scale ever. Fast and intuitive.

NutraTrack Mini, Nutrition, kitchen, baker,calorie Scale
  • The only scale on the market with 160 common food items printed under the easy-to-clean, tempered glass, scale surface. (You no longer have to look up common foods in a code book) 

  • Exclusive Everlast TM weight sensors hold accuracy over time

  • Easy access to information on 999 food items

  • Only scale on the market allowing you to add 999 custom foods

  • The only scale with precision of 0.1-ounce / 1 gram resolution

  • Seven nutritional values for each food: calories, carbs, fat, cholesterol, salt, protein, and fiber

  • Weighs in ounces, pounds/ounces, ounces, grams; fluid ounces and milliliters

  • Max weight capacity: 11 pounds / 5 kg

  • Battery operated with Auto Off (3AAA included)

  • Designed and engineered in the USA

  • 5 year bumper to bumper warranty

NutraTrack Mini, Nutrition Scale, kitchen scale, food scale, baker scale, calorie Scale, Nutritional Scale, Diet scale


NutraTrack Mini Grey an White
Turquose and White
NutraTrack Mini Red an White
NutraTrack Mini Silver, Turquose and White
NutraTrack mini packaging box
NutraTrack Mini packagin box
NutraTrack Mini Brochure
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