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Take the guesswork out of what you're eating !

We design and build only the best with lifetime warranties! 

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  • The NutraTrack Mini is the only scale on the market with the most common foods printed right on the front of the scale.

  • The only scale on the market allowing you to add 999 custom foods

  • Simple:

    • Place a food on NutraTrack Mini, enter the food code 

    • Instantly read out calories and carbs, fat, cholesterol and sodium, protein, fiber .

    • Hit Save and see your running nutrition totals. 

  • 33lb max 1g increments!

  • The Chef gives you a full baking conversion chart right on the front of the scale.

  • No need for measuring cups. 

  • Easy to read with oversized containers.

  • Bake with exact precision every time. 

  • Simple: 

    • Put your mixing bowl or container on the scale

    • Press the "Tare" Button

    • Add your ingredients until the scale reached the desired weight per cup.

  • The C19 is you Kitchen buddy, small compact fits in a drawer or cabinet. 

  • Calorie quick reference guide helps you count calories. 

  • Simple:

    • Place the food on the scale, look at the calorie per oz. 

    • Manual calculate the calories in your food. 

    • Weigh anything from food to small parcels. 

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Whether you’re on a weight loss program, personal fitness regime or managing health risk conditions, knowing exactly what’s in your food is the key.

    Mackie Scientific’s NutraTrack scales are your essential tools for creating appealing, healthful meals, yet staying within your goals or specific diet program. You’ll make smarter choices and discover a far wider, more enjoyable cuisine.

    You can moderate those late night snacks, or just explore the nutritional content of your favorite foods.

Our precision-engineered scales are perfect for:

  • Diets such as Keto, Paleo DASH, TLK, HMR and others

  • Training regimens

  • Carb-restrictive diets

  • Low or salt-free diets

  • Just staying fit yet enjoying more food options

  • Baking with extreme precision 

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