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Free Shipping Mackie The Chef Digital Food, Kitchen and Baking Conversion Scale

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Product Details
  • WHAT DOES THIS FOOD SCALE DO? Provides a baking quick reference guide to bake with extreme accuracy, No need for measuring cups or tablespoons, weighs food, liquids, mail, small parcels etc. Removes the weight of any container weighing only the contents.
  • HOW DOES THE KITCHEN SCALE WORK? Place an item on the kitchen scale, read the measurement, look at the baking quick reference guide for weight conversions per cup, ounce, gram. Push a button to convert: grams, milliliters, pounds, ounces, fluid ounces.
  • HOW WILL THE CHEF HELP ME? : Save space by not needing measuring cups and spoons, bake with exact precision. Convert European recipes to US. Use the scale with our free download of the USDA database providing over 6500 foods and their nutritional information be a calorie and macro calculator, carb count and be a healthier you.
  • HOW IS THIS BAKING SCALE BETTER? Baking conversion tables at your fingertips, stays on for 4 min. in-between weighing ( longest of any scale), top accuracy, max weight capacity over 12lbs, longest warranty, low battery indicator, thick shatter proof tempered glass surface, compact, sleek, fits anywhere.
  • FRIENDLY SUPPORT: 10-YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY-longest of any scale, free replacement. 24x7 free lifetime support! We are an American Company working out of Seattle Washington supporting & helping families for over 40 years!
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